What’s In Store for General Motors

General Motors has been in the forefront of all the recent discussions about the automotive industry. This company has a significant role in the US economy and continues to bring about a diverse range of opinions on its efficiency. After the auto bail-out, General Motors has been severely scrutinized for its fiscal expenditures. Some of the decisions have been repeatedly criticized by the media, and General Motors continues to tread along on a very fine line. This piece will focus on General Motors’ current status and its fate in the automotive industry in coming years.

Upward Trend

General Motors was seen reeling and edging close to bankruptcy as the economy took a nosedive. This led to the government swooping in and saving the day for the company in the form of a financial bail-out, despite public protest. General Motors has now used the money to save itself, and continues to trend upwards. The progress has been slow and painful, but results are starting to show. Upper management has made some key decisions related to the designs of the vehicles and the market is starting to accept them.

In the most recent financial quarter, General Motors was seen to have topped its own predictions for sales. This is excellent news for all associated parties and demonstrates a sign of better things to come. The board believes General Motors will be able to break even in the European market, which should bode well for the company’s overall financial health. Over time, the company wishes to improve on all facets of its dealing and work towards making more profit. It is a continuous climb that looks to be heading in the right direction for now.

Not Repeating Mistakes

This story has been repeated in the past. The current financial status of General Motors seems to be rectifying itself and improving. This can lead complacency, exactly what they don’t need at this point in the company’s revival. The executives have been precise and concise in relation to their expectations from the company. They do not want to sit on their laurels and are looking for better results. This is just the beginning in their eyes and the real task of rebuilding a profitable company lies ahead.

The bail-out has led to a host of expectations being lumped on General Motors’ shoulders. Tax payers are now feeling a connection with the company and want it to do well in order to justify the actions the government took to bail the company out. This can be a difficult situation for a company to be in during tough economic times. Yet, the board is ready to fight ahead and are showing excellent results up to now. The days of bankruptcy could be well and truly behind them.

Future Projections

Current signs are displaying an upward trend that will continue to lead to a more profitable future. The recent line of makes and models are selling well and are being appreciated by critics and customers alike. This is a great sign for a company that was recently seen floundering in a heap of design flaws and issues. General Motors will continue to look and build on their recent success and not let it get to their heads. The worst mistake at this point would be to ease up on the innovative processes that are pushing them closer to the top. These little changes are making the difference.


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