5 Great New Tools to Manage Your Money

Managing your money is a difficult but necessary task. If not managed wisely, even a great sum of money can deplete quickly. For many, it takes a sound understanding of and experience in finance to ensure their money grows continuously. Fortunately, one does not need a degree in finance to simply manage their personal finances. With the latest management tools, anyone can achieve better results over time.  Are these tools safe and effective? Most tools available are tried and tested, so you shouldn’t fear or doubt them. However, bad apples are inevitable. This said, it is crucial to know which tools are worth a try. Below are 5 of the best tools you can use to manage your wealth.


A lot of people are skeptical when using web-based banking utilities, mainly due to security concerns. Buxfer addresses this issue with the provision of an easy-to-use user interface, plus multiple storage options for the user’s credit. You can manually sync your bank accounts, credit cards, and other financial possessions with the website. You can also save passwords and log-in information locally via Google Gears or Firefox. The website also provides automated synchronizing of your financial information, automated log-in, and pulling information from different web money portals.

Yodlee Money Center

Yodlee is one of the largest and most popular finance management websites of today, offering users hundreds of banking and financial tools. Companies like Mint and Thrive, and sizable banks including Chase, use relabeled but Yodlee-engineered user interfaces. Yodlee users will typically characterize the brand as identical to Mint, minus the fancy graphics. Instead, it streamlines more on analysis of raw information that you enter, including transaction details.


Unarguably one of the most prominent finance tools up to date, Mint established a solid market base by placing a strong emphasis on user-friendly interfaces and automated features. Their focus on these aspects is so dynamic that they’ve only previously added abilities like manual sorting. WIth Mint, you can manage all your financial accounts in one place, whether it’s a checking and savings accounts, credit or debit cards, investments, etc. You can easily make projections and budgets depending on your provided information.

Clear Checkbook

Clear Checkbook is a powerful online checking account ledger that enables you to track your expenses in detail from an online interface or mobile phone. Users can then produce a budget with expense restrictions. Opting for a premium account gives you a custom report feature, custom transaction fields, and future credit projections.


Mvelopes functions on the traditional principle of budgeting using envelopes (hence the name). It is a dependable online financial tool that lets users categorize expenses and set a specific budget for each one. However, this emphasis on a conventional budgeting strategy does not necessarily mean you are stuck with outdated tools. Mvelopes automatically pulls transaction information from different financial organizations.

These tools are only a few of the many financial services you can use online. There are also numerous other advanced banking services available for those who are less proficient in using a computer, so be sure to speak with your local banker ASAP!

Jenna Graham writes about finance and education. Her most recent work focuses on the top finance schools in the US.

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