Habits The Financially Successful Have Adopted

If you have always dreamed of being that one person who is completely independent and does not have to depend on anyone or anything you might be interested in knowing some of the habits of the financially successful.  Knowing how the financially successful act and respond to situations will help you to understand how you can be this way also. […]

How to Bounce Back After Foreclosure

A foreclosure is one of the most stressful situations a homeowner can encounter. Foreclosures are not only devastating, but expensive too: homeowners are often required to pay tax on a forgiven debt or any monies owed on the remaining amount of a mortgage. While foreclosure can hurt your credit rating and take a psychological toll on your self-esteem, it is […]

How to File Your Unfiled Tax Returns

It is never too late to file your tax returns even if you have not filed for several years. Generally, if you meet filing requirements, you need to file a tax return for this year and the past six years (but the IRS may request a tax return older than six years). It is important that you file your taxes […]

A Look at the Technology Behind Modern Stock Markets

Tiny bits of paper litter the trading floors of stock exchanges in all the best classic movies depicting the entrepreneurial adventures of American captains of industry. Of course, floor brokers and traders stopped using pencil and paper many years ago. Advances in technology have forever changed the way stocks and shares change hands these days, and there is very little […]

Moving Costs: The Underexposed Expense with the Overpowering Bite

Planning a move well in advance of the actual moving day can prevent financial hardships. The problem is that many common expenses are often overlooked during the process of budgeting for a move. By taking all of the possible expenses into account, it is possible to prevent unexpected costs from adding up too quickly. Cost of Labor The cost of […]

Alexander Hamilton’s Impact on American Banking

In the 1700’s Philadelphia was the largest city in the nation, and its capitol. It housed thousands of ordinary citizens and one who would change the world of banking. Before his time, banking was plain and not usually franchised. It put limitations of the financial future of America. Alexander Hamilton changed the normalcy of banking with one important document. This […]

What’s In Store for General Motors

General Motors has been in the forefront of all the recent discussions about the automotive industry. This company has a significant role in the US economy and continues to bring about a diverse range of opinions on its efficiency. After the auto bail-out, General Motors has been severely scrutinized for its fiscal expenditures. Some of the decisions have been repeatedly […]

Enhancing Your Exhibit with Sophisticated Multimedia

With the advent of digital technology, contemporary trade shows often have exhibits that use multimedia. Increasingly technology-savvy audiences are naturally drawn to exhibits featuring stimulating visual and audio components. These technologies permit enhanced interaction with potential customers. Attracting new traffic to exhibits increases profitability for businesses attending trade shows. While some exhibits attempt to draw as much attention as possible, […]